Power Up: A marvel of technology, this little red orb will exponentially increase the size of your selection box. Allowing you to targer more enemies than ever for the mothership to blast to pieces.
Bomb: Bot off more than you can chew? With the bomb in your possession, no situation is too sticky. Just hit your mouse button and watch your enemies (and their projectiles) get blown to oblivion.
Gold Coin: Got a good run going? Hit your mouse button while in possession of this shiny little guy and add an extra 10 points to your score. Cap off that good run with a little extra something something.
Golden Net: This amazing object allows you to capture star stuff to inflate your ego, err score.
Lightning Bolt: Electrify you score! Use the lightning bolt and watch your score combos net you even points than ever before.
Meat: Low on lives? Use your right mouse button when in possession of this juicy morsel to instantly regain one life.
Shield: This baby is the state of the art in defensive technology. Able to deflect the annoying shots from those alien bastards. Err try not to run directly into enemies though, that part of the shield still isn't working. Also come to think of it, try not to get shot by a boss, they fire really big bullets and definitely don't try to run into a boss. That would be suicide. So yeah "state-of-the-art".
The "Artifact": This strange red cylinder is some sort of transportation device, taking you to what can only be assumed to be the homeworld of it's creators. Apparently, they succumbed to some strange plague, that or salmon mousse.
The Pill: We aren't exactly sure what this thing is, but it's pinkish exterior leads us to believe it is some sort of alien psychedelic candy. For when consumed you are brought to a freakish hellscape of nightmares and what men fear most.
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